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HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NIGERIA 58th/59th Annual Conference

(Nigeria’s Premier Academic Association)

In Collaboration with the Department of History and International Studies
UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, NSUKKA Announces its 58th/59th Annual Conference on the Theme:
Nigeria: 100 Years After the Amalgamation

CONFERENCE DATE: 22ND – 25TH September 2014

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: The political surgery conducted on the various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria by Britain without the application of any form of anaesthesia was stitched in 1914 by a political cum administrative thread christened amalgamation. Nigerians have had diverse views of that particular exercise as well as its contraption as they have continued to grapple with the wounds and pains of the surgery. In 2014, the nation marked the centenary of the amalgamation. However, what is obvious is that the nationals are confronted with myriads of questions in the search for a harmonious existence. The need to find answers to questions relating to Nigeria’s corporate existence- the national question- gave rise to the present national conference even as some professional organizations have kicked against the convoking of the conference. In the midst of contending shades of opinion, HSN as the custodian of the nation's memory is expected to contribute meaningfully to this national debate to help the nation’s ship anchor perfectly well - this is the justification for this conference and its timing as participants are expected to address the issues in the sub-theme with a keen hold on the past.

1. Theoretical issues on the concept of amalgamation
2. Nigeria on the Eve of Amalgamation: Issues & Debates
3. Constitutional Issues Confronting Nigeria since the Amalgamation
4. Socio-economic Developments in Nigeria since 1914
5. Educational Development in Nigeria since 1914
6. The Military in Nigerian Life since 1914
7. Perspectives on Separatist Agitations in Nigeria since 1914
8. The Challenge of Ethnocentrism in Nigeria since 1914
9. The Religious Factor in Nigeria since 1914
10. The Nigerian Judiciary since 1914
11. Urbanization and Infrastructural Expansion since Amalgamation
12. Civil Society and Human Righ
13. Youth programmes and policies in Nigeria since 1914
14. Ethnicity, sub-nationalities and citizenship since 1914.
15. Gender and questions of sexuality since amalgamation
16. Labour Struggles since 1914.

PAPER SUBMISSION: Abstract of not more than 300 words should be sent electronically to any of the following email ,, on or before June 12, 2014. All authors should state their email address and phone number to help hasten communication. Authors of accepted abstracts would be notified on or before June 17, 2014. Full papers are expected to be turned in by August 5, 2014. Referencing style is Chicago style using either footnotes or endnotes.


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